• What is a saree?

    About 5.5 metres (give or take) of sheer gorgeousness!

    Traditionally worn by women in South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and increasingly in other countries, thanks to migration and active diaspora communities.


    • Wait a minute - is it spelt saree or sari? I’ve seen it both ways.

    You can spell it any way you like! It’s derived from a Sanskrit word so as long as it’s pronounced the same, you’re fine. 


    • Is it cultural appropriation for a non-South Asian person to wear a saree?

    Now, we can’t speak for the multiple cultures of South Asia – they span millions of people with different views and opinions. But everyone we know LOVES it when someone embraces our culture with respect. And if you need help, don’t worry – you’ll find an aunty at any party willing to do your draping.


    • Do you sell wedding sarees? 

    In reality, any saree can be a wedding saree. Our selection is mostly light silks, organza, satin and delicate tulle sarees. While we don't stock traditional bridal sarees, there are plenty of other amazing retailers in Australia who do.


    • I don’t have a blouse or underskirt, what can I do?

    You can always pair it with a crop top instead of a blouse. And as for the underskirt, why not go for a tight pencil skirt or leggings, maybe even some jeans? They just need to be tight enough to support your drapes.


    • Do you tailor saree blouses or underskirts?

    We don't, but from time to time we'll make recommendations on social media based on what our customers say. So follow us on Insta, Facebook or Tik Tok.


    • Do you sell only sarees?

    For now, yes. But watch this space for ready-made blouses and underskirts in the near future.


    • Why does my saree look a little different in person?

    A slight variation in colour is possible due to digital photography. The resolution of the screen you use to access our website can also affect the colours of products as displayed.


    • So, how do I look after my saree?

    Very carefully. Sarees are often made of delicate silks, organza, cotton, tulle and other material. We’d recommend dry cleaning over washing machines and tumble dryers. Find a reputable dry cleaner and ask for their advice.


    • Can I iron my saree?

    Depending on the material, yes, but be VERY careful. Set your iron to the most delicate setting and never apply direct heat. We prefer keeping a cotton cloth between the iron and the saree so the material doesn’t get burnt.


    • I’ve received my Agni Saree but am not happy with it. What do I do?

    Naww, we’re sad you don’t like it but check out our Refund Policy to find out how we can help you.


    • Will you ship to countries outside Australia?

    YES. For now, we ship within Australia as well as to New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.