Muse of the Month: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Muse of the Month: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is an award-winning actor, supporter of LGBTQIA rights, breast cancer awareness ambassador and a style icon to boot, be it western or traditional Indian fashion.

It was hard to choose but here are five of her sarees that we love.

1. Lovely in Lavender

This serene off-shoulder, ruffled sleeve saree is adorned with sequins and has a floral print that we adore.  

Actress Sonam Kapoor stands by a window, looking outside. She's wearing a lavender saree with an of sleeve blouse

Photo: Twitter @sonamakapoor


 2. Green Dream

This chiffon number has it all, from an intricate floral print to puffed and ruffled sleeves as well as a square cut neckline that is utterly flattering. 

A woman, Sonam Kapoor, looks at the camera. She's wearing a green printed saree with oxidised jewellery

Photo: Instagram @sonamkapoor


3. A Vision in White

Can you tell that we at Agni Sarees love a puffed sleeve? We can’t take our eyes off this stunning ensemble - from the pillowy sleeves to the almost backless cut of the blouse, plus the eye-catching Bulgari jewellery. Divine!  

A woman stands sideways, looking at the camera. She's wearing a white saree with a long sleeved puffy blouse

Photo: Instagram @sonamkapoor


 4. Bringing the 'Wow' Factor

This molten wire blue saree is as sleek and it is chic. Designer Rimzim Dadu pulled out all the stops to make this elegant saree that pushes the boundaries of couture, just like our muse Sonam.

 Sonam Kapoor poses in a fashionable blue designer saree, her hand on her waist, looking downwards

Image credit:


 5. First Class All the Way!

They call it a classic for a reason and we at Agni are all for it. This gorgeous Kanchivaram silk saree has a Kalamkari-style border and a blue dyed body chequered in gold and silver.

A woman wears a traditional silk kanchivaram saree and looks at the camera

Photo: Instagram @sonamkapoor
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