Fall and edging: do they matter?

Fall and edging: do they matter?

You might have noticed nearly all our sarees say "fall and edging" done. But what exactly does this mean? 

The fall is basically a long strip of cloth (usually cotton) sewn on the inside of the bottom of the saree. It adds a little weight so that the saree pleats - you guessed it - "fall" down neatly. It also protects the hemline of the saree from all the accidental trodding we might do in our heels! 

close up of the inside of a saree showing the sewing of the falls

The edging work (or pico in India), involves sewing up the loose ends of the saree on both ends, so those pesky threads don't start coming out and make your saree look frayed and worn out. 


close up of the edging of a saree showing the sewing threads

While most women go to a tailor to have this work done, we want our customers to have one less thing to worry about. That's why you'll see that most, if not all, of them have the "fall and edging done" note in the description.

This not only saves you time and effort, but also helps your sarees endure!

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